Take Your Seat

You are cordially invited to play a part in the future of The Auden Theatre.

Take centre stage by putting your name in the spotlight and sponsor one or more of our brand new seats. Each sponsored seat will carry a unique plaque which can celebrate your family, friends, or business, commemorate a special occasion, or honour the memory of a loved one.

Sponsoring Seats At The Auden

  • £150 per seat with your unique plaque.
  • £300 per seat with your unique plaque. In addition, 2 pairs of tickets* plus complimentary drinks for two at The Auden Theatre, each year for two years. You will also receive an exclusive invitation to the 20th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Auden Theatre planned for June 2018. Through your generous contribution to the Auden Theatre you will be helping to improve the quality of the Theatre going experience for future generations, making this lovely regional venue even more welcoming and vital in its work of bringing live Theatre, music and dance to your doorstep.
  • To purchase a seat(s) please complete the Take Your Seat form. Payment via cheque or online.

* Due to high demand, only one subscription concert per year.